Services Our Pearland and Memorial eye doctors take pride in providing patients comprehensive eye exams and glasses specials that are perfect for the whole family. Each eye exam at our eye clinics in Houston and Pearland includes a prescription for glasses/custom contact lenses, a trial pair of contact lenses, a medical screening for glaucoma, high definition retina and anterior (front) chamber photos. A detailed summary of the exam is provided by our optical doctors in addition to a full, non-rushed consultation where all your questions are thoroughly answered. In addition to the detailed care of our eye exam experts, our vision care centers in Houston and Pearland have a frame stylist who is here to help you select a customized pair of glasses that suits your individual style. At the end of your visit to our eye clinics in Houston or Pearland, we will give you a folder with your prescriptions, HD photos, and exam summary. Our complete family vision centers and eye clinics in Houston and Pearland provide exceptional eye care for kids and adults alike. Children leave with a fun pair of sunglasses and a special toy from the CustomEyes toy chest for doing well during the exam.

Services Provided

  • Comprehensive Yearly Exam with Dilation
  • Dry Eye Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Latisse Consultation and Prescription for Lengthening Lashes
  • Pediatric Exams (includes special treat)
  • Glaucoma Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Diabetic Eye Exams
  • Custom Contact Lenses (High Prescriptions, Rigid Gas Permeable, Soft Contact Lenses, Bifocal Lenses, Astigmatism, Monovision, Keratoconus, Color Contacts)
  • High Blood Pressure/Hypertensive Eye Exam
  • Lasik Evaluation & Co-Management
  • Eye Emergencies (Pink Eye, Foreign Body Removal, Corneal Abrasions, Infections, etc.)
  • Cataracts
  • Allergy Treatment
  • Complimentary Frame Adjustments
  • Complimentary Eye Exams for Infants Under 12 Months Old
  • Enchroma Color Blindness Test & Cx Lens Technology