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Houston Pediatric Eye Care Specialists

Each one of our doctors have years of experience with pediatric and child eye care. We can diagnose and treat any early visions issues. Pediatric eye doctors have specialized training and equipment, enabling them to examine and diagnose as accurately as possible.


How Parents Know If a Child Has Eye Problems

Toddlers and young children don’t communicate the same way adults do. This makes early detection more difficult for parents.

As a parent, you want to know if your child has issues with their sight. But you can’t ask a toddler about “the state of their eyesight.” Without the appropriate vocabulary, your children can’t speak to which issues are causing (normally) obvious problems.

How Young Can a Child Be?

Children as young as 12 months can see an optometrist. Here, we deliver a range of examinations to see whether your child’s eyes are developing normally.

Early Detection is Important

The earlier you can diagnose vision problems, the faster your child can benefit from the appropriate intervention. Studies show that children with poor vision suffer from disadvantages in academic, social, and emotional learning.

A child’s eyesight can change over time. The muscles which control the movement of the eyes are still developing between the 0 to 5 years old. The changing nature of young children’s eyesight makes regular trips to the pediatric eye doctor vital. This is where our experience in working with children come into play.

Signs of Vision Problems in Children

  • Needing to sit very close to the TV
  • Rubbing eyes all the time
  • Squinting or struggling to see things in the distance
  • Not recognizing you if you are too far away
  • Regular headaches
  • Overly sensitive to light
  • Inability to track objects as they move in front of them

The signs won’t always be obvious, though. As a parent, you need to carefully watch and listen to your child. Remember, children might not tell you, “My vision is blurred,” but they’ll show you with their actions. So, work with your child and their developing eyesight.

Two Locations to Serve YOU!

We have two locations in the Houston metro area. One is in Pearland on Broadway St. See our location page here. The other is in the Memorial area. More info on location, hours, etc can be seen here.