Sports Goggles are IN!

Springtime sporting activities are finally here and there’s no better time to stop in and grab the kiddos a pair of sports goggles. These goggles can be made with prescription lenses or worn with the original lenses if your child does not need glasses. Perfect for any active sport such as baseball, soccer, tennis, football, you name it – these glasses are specifically made for ultimate eye protection. Some of our sports goggles are made to fit under helmets, such as baseball or football, and others are stand alone and resemble regular glasses. An article taken out of the National Eye Institute website states that eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children in the US, and most of these injuries are sports related! Check out this paper written by the NEI for more information:

Help us to help you watch over your little one’s precious eyesight with these affordable, and not to mention very trendy, sports goggles. Both our Memorial and Pearland locations will have these on stock and ready for you to purchase. We’ve included a few pictures for you to view and enjoy!

Much love from your favorite CustomEyes Eye Doctor Trio!