TV Will Ruin Your Eyesight and Other Myths

From the time we learned to walk and talk, there were a few myths most of us were told at one point or another. Swimming after eating will cause cramps, popping your knuckles will give you arthritis, swallowing a watermelon seed will make one grow in your belly, and of course, sitting too close to … Continued

Choosing Between Glasses Or Contacts

glasses thumbnail Learn The Ins And Outs Of Your Most Common Eyecare Options It’s an age-old battle: glasses vs contacts. Most opticians and optometrists are asked which are better and the answer is never the same. More often than not, the course of action is determined by personal preference or cost. To help guide you toward the … Continued

Anniversary Trunk Show Success!

Celebration includes gift raffles, designer eyeglasses, giveaways, and more This past May, the Pearland CustomEyes team celebrated our 4-Year Anniversary with a trunk show highlighting designer frames such as Tom Ford, Swarovski, Guess, and Costa del Mar! Anyone walking through our doors that day were eligible for one of many raffles and door prizes, which … Continued

Sports Goggles are IN!

Springtime sporting activities are finally here and there’s no better time to stop in and grab the kiddos a pair of sports goggles. These goggles can be made with prescription lenses or worn with the original lenses if your child does not need glasses.

CustomEyes Holiday Party

Holiday Party 2016 - Dr. Sejal Patel, Dr. Ruchira Damani, Dr. Elizabeth May

With holiday season now over, everyone has a little time to sit back and reflect on 2016 and create new and exciting goals for 2017.

CustomEyes Community Care

Big hugs to our CustomEyes Fanatics!!! Dr. Damani, Dr. May, and myself love to do as much as we can for our Pearland and Houston community.